EMDR for Trauma

EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, is an evidenced based therauputic treatment for past and recent trauma. EMDR works differently than regular talk therapy. The therapist is a guide, while the client directs the therapist on the traumas affecting the client today in everyday living. Sometimes, a past trauma from childhood can adversely affect people when the past trauma is triggered in some way. When a person is triggered by the past trauma, there can be an overwhelming feeling or shame, anger, panic, fear, paranoia, and behaviors or acting out negatively.  

When life's challenges seem impossible

Past and recent trauma can cause life's challenges to appear as impossible. Or maybe you are feeling you are within reach of your goals but the next step is too hard. When past and recent traumas are treated with EMDR, you may feel a lightness when you felt like you had the whole world on your shoulders.

How Hooyah Can Help

Lily helps provide a safe and nurturing environment to help the client feel comfortable and safe. EMDR can be used effectively in processing past and recent traumas. Clients arrive feeling anxious and stressed but leave feeling grounded and calm. Often clients are surprised and even shocked at the effectiveness of EMDR in one session. EMDR is most effective when clients take down the wall of defenses and are fully present and engaged in the EMDR process. 


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