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At this time Lily is only accepting appointments on the weekends only.

OHP panel is closed at this time, please check in 2 months if this has changed.

My name is Lily Davis and I am an EMDR therapist. I specialize in trauma recovery for recent and past trauma: PTSD, Complex PTSD, Dissociative Disorders, Depersonalization, Grief. I use EMDR, body therapy, Survivor Yoga, guided imagery, resourcing, music, and art for trauma therapy.

Talk therapy cannot access the unconscious traumatic memories in the mind and the body. Talk therapy cannot process the traumatic thoughts and memories. I can help you release the trauma from your body through yoga, guided imagery exercises, music, and art. EMDR is used to process the trauma memories.

There is skill building and resourcing with trauma recovery. For trauma survivors, the body is used to being in a hyperaroused state (hypervigilence, difficulty sleeping, flashback, nightmares, panic, feeling of wanting to run away) or a hypoaroused state (fatigue, sleepiness, exhaustion). Being centered or in homeostasis may feel uncomfortable, even painful. Skills building, resourcing, and trauma release in addition to EMDR are used to help the body be comfortable with being centered.

I have been in the medical field since 1989 and the counseling field since 2004. Please call for a consultation. Accepting insurances: First Choice Health PPO, TricareWest, Optum: Providence Health Plan, UnitedHealthcare, UnitedBehavioralHealth, Cascade Centers EAP. Private pay rate is $200 an hour. Sliding scale and scholarships are available. Please contact our Office Manager, Dustin ( about scholarships and sliding scale.



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